Acrylic Washes and Image Transfer on Canvas

Step #1
Prepare Colors: Make a color wash with a pump spray bottle and Golden High Flow Colors, straight from the bottle or diluted with water.

Step #2
Background color and design: compose with stencils arranging them as you like, spray colors holding bottles  approximately 12-16 inches from the canvas surface, allow to dry.

Step #3
Immediate image transfer: brush Golden Fluid Matte Medium generously and evenly over the surface apply photocopy image side down use pressure (I used a Bondo applicator)to marry the two surfaces together remove and bumps or buckles that may arise then wait 1-3 minutes until the transfer process is complete, remove copy  paper by lifting corners and pulling it away from the canvas.

Step # 4
Clean off remaining paper with damp microfibres cloth until surface is smooth and free of paper.

Step # 5
Foreground painting: compose with stencils, spray colors about 12- 16 inches from the surface, allow to dry.

How to transfer images in just minutes using Golden’s Fluid Matte Medium.






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