Art Chez Vous 3-Pack – English



Subtractive Technique 3 Mandarins:  In this step by step video you will learn how to use GOLDEN OPEN acrylics as you would oil paint, without any of the hassles.  Discover the subtleties of the Sgraffito technique.  Challenge yourself and experience the nuances created from working from dark to light by removing and blending layers of wet paint.  This is not only a lovely finished product but a wonderful exercise to expand your artist eye and art practice as well.


IMPASTO Flowers:  This video covers the secrets of working thick, rich and creamily to create a luscious and dimensional still life of a simple vase of flowers.  By employing acrylic pastes, you raise your paint and colour application to an entirely new level. Watch demonstrations and practice using spatulas, sticks, and brushes to sculpt yourself a stunning work of art.


Colour Mixing Wheel:  This video is about getting   the confidence you need to mix your own colours, it’s an essential step in expanding your art practice. I take you step by step through the mixing process in the palette and you create a custom and beautiful painting out of a guided art lesson.  We take a basic art technique and elevate it to create a beautiful personal artwork based on the magic of the colour wheel.